As a veteran-run 501(c)3 charitable organization, we offer unique near-peer resources that appeal to the widest range of soldiers and veterans possible.

Our Mission

We humanize Christian soldiers through education, advocacy, and the arts by hosting thoughtful conversation and meaningful community. We're the only nonprofit organization providing constructive, intellectually rigorous, and theologically nonpartisan resources for understanding Christian faith and military service. Learn more by reading our One Pager

What We've Achieved

  • In ten years, we have mentored and inspired nearly 150 individual Christian soldiers and veterans. That's more than one every month for a decade.
  • Through strategic partnerships with top content creators, we've sent Care Packages filled with free goodies meant to spark thoughtful conversations on the front lines of faith and service. 
  • Our training events, sermons, and coaching sessions have helped clergy and lay ministers create more meaningful community for military families.
  • We have authored books, edited 'zines, curated blogs, and contributed to innumerable publications that we now provide at low or no cost to congregations and communities concerned for vets.
The Guild has helped me make sense of being a Christian soldier, and provided a community of meaning when I needed one the most
— OIF veteran & Guild mentee