Here are some of the ways we cultivate thoughtful conversation


Spoke'n Polite Company

Spoke'n Polite Company is a volunteer-run project of Centurions Guild, a nonprofit organization based in Durham, NC. Want something unique for your event? We bring coffee, books, & conversation to your block party, pop up market, or foodie rodeo. 


Care Packages

Through strategic partnerships with top content creators, we send Care Packages filled with free goodies meant to spark thoughtful conversations on the front lines of faith and service.

After the Yellow Ribbon

This 2011 conference developed tools that communities can use in order to approach Christian soldiers and veterans as human beings, and understand the unseen wounds of war.

Ponder Christian Soldiers

Because the story of Christian soldiers has its place in the story of salvation history, it has a narrative unity over time.This award winning series at Christianity Today explored the diverse experience of armed service.